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What is HIIT?

Our HIIT modality involves a combination of resistance bands and dumbbells for a 45 minute low and high intensity workout. You can expect short bursts of intense work followed by a quick recovery period. The benefits of HIIT involve improving heart health and metabolism as well as building muscle with an "after-burn effect" meaning your body is working to burn and build long after your workout is over. Enjoy 45 minutes of upper and lower body strength, core work and cardio work, all done to the beat of the music. This workout is fun and effective - we can't wait to drip with you in studio! 

In the Know 

What to bring

Athletic footwear is suggested. Mats and towels are provided as well as available for purchase. 

How long is the class

Classes are 45 minutes long, this includes warm up and cool down.


New to HIIT? We are so thrilled to welcome you! While we do not offer "beginner" classes, we do ensure that you are feeling confident in your work out regardless of your experience level. Our trainers are there to demonstrate all of the movements as well as individually assist you with form and modifications as needed. Still unsure? Try a series of private lessons giving you the one on one lessons to jump start your fitness journey.

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