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What is Lagree?

“The Lagree Method,” a high-intensity, low-impact exercise method, tightens, strengthens, and tone by incorporating bodybuilding principles, such as Time Under Tension, which removes breaks from workouts and grants users the ability to sweat, shake, and persevere through the total duration of every class. In addition, many Lagree movements incorporate the use of 600 muscles at once, making this method even more time-efficient for those on the go and those looking for quick but lasting results.

In the Know 

What to bring

Grip sock are required, water and towels are encouraged. Don't have them? Don't fret, we have towels available for you. Water bottles and socks available for purchase.

How long is the class

Classes are 45 minutes long, this includes warm up and cool down.

How does this differ from pilates

Where Pilates focuses of core strength, it is relatively low intensity. Lagree not only has a focus on core strength, but is also focuses on range, tempo, form, resistance, and sequence, creating a low impact yet high intensity work out. 


New to Lagree? We are so thrilled to welcome you! While we do not offer "beginner" classes, we do ensure that you are feeling confident in your work out regardless of your experience level. Our trainers are there to demonstrate all of the movements as well as individually assist you with form and modifications as needed. Still unsure? Try a series of private lessons giving you the one on one lessons to jump start your Lagree journey.





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